How Tofu-saurus came to be

Junior year of highschool i was in homeroom and we started to play hangman. I couldnt think of a word and i had a button on my backpack that said Powered by Tofu and so i put Tofu as my word. After noone guessed it and had the person. I put the word and they were all like, ohhhhhhh. Anyways, one of the other kids started calling me Tofu and then my friend was like Thats a good nickname for you. So after that, everyone started calling me Tofu.

The night i made this blog i couldnt think of a name for the blog so i asked my best friend and she said Tofu Tales and i though of Tofu and dinosaurs so i called it Tofuasaurus but my best friend said just Tofusaurus and it’s perfect.

Thats how this blog came to be.