New Blog 04/22/2009

I got a new blog. Check it out.

New Game 04/21/2009

So my boyfriend got me to play this new game. Its called Wizards 101. its actually really fun haha. I seriously did not want to stop playing it haha. But i did.

Check it out.

type wizards 101 in google haha.


My name is Suri Starcatcher on it haha. Find me.

My First Haul 04/19/2009

I made my first real HAUL video.

Check it out and tell me whatcha think.

Welcome 04/16/2009

Hey guys, welcome to my new blog.
The wordpress blog wasnt working for me.
I like this one better anyways haha.

Check out the links.



    Kacie. 19. Female. Henderson, Nevada. I love makeup. I love clothes. I hate doing my hair, but i love my hair when i do.



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